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Social media monitoring (sosyal medya izleme),” refers to the process of monitoring and analyzing specific keywords, brands, or topics on social media to assist in managing the online presence and reputation of brands, companies, or individuals.

This process typically involves tracking mentions, tags, hashtag usage, and keyword searches across a variety of different social media platforms. Social media monitoring can help companies and brands gather customer feedback, understand their target audience’s online behaviors and preferences, conduct competitor analysis, identify potential crises at an early stage, and overall manage their online presence and reputation.

Social media monitoring is a critical component of online presence and reputation management strategies. This is especially true in the digital age where social media is becoming increasingly important for businesses and brands.

How Social Media Monitoring Works

Social media monitoring involves tracking and analyzing specific keywords, brands, or topics on social media to help manage the online perceptions and reputation of businesses and companies. Here are steps to create a social media monitoring strategy:

Setting Objectives: Before starting the social media monitoring process, it’s important to determine what you will be monitoring and why. Are you collecting customer feedback, or are you measuring the impact of a specific campaign? Your objectives will guide your monitoring process and the tools you will use.

Selecting Keywords: It’s important to choose the keywords you will be monitoring. This typically includes your brand name, the names of your products, your competitors, and general terms related to your industry.

Selecting Tools: There are many different social media monitoring tools available in the market. Depending on your needs and objectives, decide which tool is most suitable for you.

Initiating Monitoring: Using your monitoring tool, initiate the monitoring of the selected keywords.

Data Analysis: Regularly analyze the collected data. This will help you understand which topics are popular, what your customers are talking about, which comments are positive or negative, and how your social media presence is generally perceived.

Taking Action: After analyzing the results, you can use this information to improve your business or brand. Perhaps you need to improve your customer service, correct misinformation about a product, or strengthen a specific social media campaign.

Regular Updates and Adjustments: Since social media is constantly changing, it’s important to regularly review and adjust your monitoring strategy. Monitoring specific keywords or topics may no longer be necessary, or you may need to add a new keyword or topic.

These steps are the fundamental components of a social media monitoring strategy and can be tailored to each company’s own goals, needs, and resources.

Sosyal Medya Monitoring Tools

Social media monitoring tools are online resources used to track specific keywords, brands, or topics on social media. These tools allow you to see how much a particular brand or topic is being discussed on social media, whether these conversations are generally positive or negative, and which social media platforms these conversations typically occur on.

Here are a few examples:

Hootsuite: Hootsuite brings together multiple social media platforms, allowing users to manage all their accounts from one place. It also offers monitoring and analysis features, enabling users to track specific keywords, topics, or brands and analyze their social media activities.

Sprout Social: This tool combines social media management and monitoring. Sprout Social provides users with the ability to monitor keywords across various social media platforms and analyze them.

Brandwatch: This powerful social media monitoring tool allows you to track and analyze what is being said about brands on the internet.


BuzzSumo: This tool makes it easy to find the most shared content related to specific keywords or topics. This can help brands see what topics are trending and what has gone viral.

Mention: Mention allows you to monitor where and when your brand or specific keywords are mentioned on the internet and social media.

Socialbakers: This tool provides a comprehensive platform for monitoring and analyzing social media performance. It also allows you to track your competitors and benchmark your performance against industry standards.

These tools make the social media monitoring process more efficient and effective, enabling brands and companies to manage their online reputation more effectively. When determining which tool is best for you, consider your needs and objectives.

Why Should Social Media Monitoring Service Be Obtained?

Obtaining social media monitoring service is important for managing an online presence, increasing interaction with the target audience, and identifying potential crises at an early stage. Here are a few reasons why obtaining social media monitoring service is important:

Understanding Customer Perception: Understanding what your customers think about you can help you determine how to improve your business. Social media monitoring tools can assist you in collecting and analyzing customer feedback.

Competitive Analysis: Monitoring your competitors’ online activities can help you identify trends and opportunities that may be important to you.

Crisis Management: Detecting a potential crisis early is important to prevent its spread. Social media monitoring services can help you quickly identify negative comments or places where your brand name is being mentioned negatively.

Measuring Impact: Social media monitoring tools are necessary to measure the effectiveness of social media campaigns and evaluate return on investment (ROI).

Target Audience Analysis: Social media monitoring provides in-depth information about demographics, user activities, topics, and more. This informs and personalizes your target audience strategies.

Better Customer Service: Customers now use social media to address their issues and questions. Social media monitoring tools can help you detect and resolve these questions and problems in a timely manner, increasing customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

For these reasons, many businesses prefer to invest in social media monitoring services. Depending on your needs, these services can play a significant role in managing your online presence and achieving your overall business goals.